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Hi! I am Zoe Nicolaou.

Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon and a woman who fears compromising, who likes change, who likes to develop and a person who loves people.

I knew since day one what I wanted to be. I wanted to master at Oral & Maxillofacial surgery and provide safety and high-quality services to my patients.

Eventually, my dream and passion grew bigger than my initial expectations and big enough to build a dedicated team of passionate professionals who share the same goal.

To change people’s lives to the better.

13 years of studies and 77 pages of business plan later, the Cyprus Cranio Maxillofacial Center was born. We are proud that we have managed to establish Oral and Maxillofacial surgery in Cyprus as a department, with hard and team work.

A place where we take oral and maxillofacial surgery seriously. A place to develop, collaborate, thrive, learn, have fun and be friends.

Because we work hard but we play harder!

Dr. Zoe Nicolaou

Welcome to the CCMFC

We change lives since 2000 by establishing Oral and Maxillofacial surgery in Cyprus.

Cyprus Cranio Maxillo-Facial Center by Dr. Zoe Nicolaou, is a specialized center for Oral and Maxillofacial surgery in Cyprus. We welcome both Cypriot and International patients since 2000. Due to our long experience in the field, we are able to take care all of your needs with respect and professionalism.

Teamwork makes the dream work. The center is managed by Dr. Zoe Nicolaou, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. Along with our team and a well-organized network of partners and business associates, we aim to provide high quality medical services with a focus on health and beauty.

On our website, you can find relevant information about the services provided.

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We got you covered!

It is well known that we specialize in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and more specifically, in Orthognathic Surgery, having in our portfolio the vast majority of these cases in Cyprus and the most advanced technology.

Orthognathic surgery is our passion and we are doing our best to further develop these surgeries in Cyprus. Our center uses cutting-edge, 3D technologies and we make sure that all of our surgeries are computer guided in order to ensure the greatest possible accuracy in the operating theatre for the best possible results.

For more information, visit the comprehensive Orthognathic Surgery guide Facial Excellence, a project proudly supported by our center.
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A taste of how our patients express their love towards us.

Even though I live abroad, I chose to have my surgery done by Dr. Zoe as I wouldn’t have trusted anyone more to perform such a delicate procedure on me. I highly recommend the center and the great team

Theano Kyriakou

I recently underwent a double jaw surgery and the final result is excellent. The recovery was fast and with no complications. My life is much better now and I owe this to Dr. Zoe and her partners.

Panos Siafi

I had my operation recently. I feel no pain and my recovery goes very well. I am very happy with my result. The team is excellent and very supportive. Thank you for everything! You are the best

Marina Ana

Very good and fast job! Polite, friendly and professional staff. I definitely recommend them for impacted wisdom teeth extractions.

Christia Theophanous

I had a major deformation of the structure of my jawline and every single appointment was made with attentiveness and care. Their care, consulting and practice are one of the best. Thank you for making everything go smoothly before, during and after my major maxillofacial procedure

Leya Daccache

Even though I live abroad, I chose to have my surgery done by Dr. Zoe as I wouldn’t have trusted anyone more to perform such a delicate procedure on me. I highly recommend the center and the great team

Theano Kyriakou

My confidence has grown after surgery, I just feel so happy inside and I knew that this was the best decision for me. I will be forever grateful. I want to encourage everyone out there who are thinking to take this surgery to go for it.

Joanna Kamenou

Dr. Zoe is truly an exceptional scientist and doctor but above all, a wonderful person. I highly recommend her and her team.

George Al

The only doctor who was able to help me in my case, she treated me well even while I was scared! A professional doctor with a caring character! Thank you very much Dr. Zoe Nicolaou and all your team!

Iness Legkaya

I want to thank my doctor and her team for the exceptional surgery on my face after a trauma caused by an accident. After 6 months, the results are amazing without a single scar left on my face.

Constantinos. X

Had a surgery a week ago for Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Everything went amazing and I already recovered. Amazing and professional team!

Demos Aristidou

The best doctor I could possibly find! After a mistake done by another doctor, I suffered for 3 months until I found myself in the hands of Dr. Zoe! A truly superb professional!

Photiana Peraki


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