What is an impacted wisdom tooth?
It is the most common dental problem of wisdom teeth. The teeth are impacted and remain in the gums.
How serious it is to have an impacted wisdom tooth?
If left in the mouth impacted wisdom teeth can damage neighboring teeth and nerves or be infected. In some cases of impacted wisdom tooth, due to inclination of the tooth and contact with the banker who is in front, permanent destruction of the bone that supports the second molar is caused, thus creating a periodontal problem.
What are the symptoms signaling problems connected to problematic wisdom teeth?
Symptoms signaling problems and may indicate the need to extract a wisdom tooth are: Pain, Redness, tenderness, and inflammation of the gums, Irritation and face edema, Bad breath, Pus, Ulcers, Headache, Pain in the neck, difficulty in swallowing, swollen lymph nodes. Nausea and fever, Cysts or tumors.
How do I know if I have wisdom teeth and if they need extraction?
Αn x-ray is needed in order to see their exact location and decide if surgical removal is needed. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeon will discuss the procedure with you and tell you what to expect.
When should I remove my wisdom teeth?
The earlier you remove them, the better. The study of the American Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – AAOMS recommends that the wisdom teeth are removed by the time the patient is a young adult.
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